Lasting Benefits of Orthodontics

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People often ask us "Why do I need braces?" or "What are the benefits that make the cost and time worthwhile?"

We have prepared the following list of benefits that patients derive from orthodontic treatment, as documented in scientific studies and from our personal experiences.

A great smile always gives a great first impression!

Our smiles are a big part of our identity and how we are perceived by our peers. Improving your smile is one of the most valuable investments you can make to improve your overall appearance and self image.

Physiological Benefits – A healthy mouth for life

  • Orthodontically corrected teeth are less prone to chipping and wear
  • Well aligned teeth are easier to clean, and less likely to decay
  • Ideally positioned teeth lessen the chance of gingivitis, recession, and gum disease
  • A good bite results in less strain on jaw muscles/joints
  • Better chewing and food digestion
  • Ability to close spaces and avoid the need for bridges or implants

Psychological Benefits

  • Increased confidence
  • Improved self-acceptance and well being
  • Enhanced attractiveness

Cost Benefits

Improvements in overall dental health (teeth and gums), frequently result in lower dental care costs, in total, over a lifetime.

In summary, few things can be purchased that can give such long-term benefits. We realize that orthodontic treatment is discretionary, and as such competes with vacations, a new car, clothes, and many other things. We feel the benefits received both short-term and into the future, make orthodontics one of the best bargains your money can buy.

"We live in a very image conscious society and impressions are made within seconds. Straightening teeth makes a difference and can ultimately make or break your chances of getting certain opportunities." –Mark Montano host of TLC's show, 10 years younger.